January 28, 2009

My Compact Exceptions

Okay- it's been almost a month since I started this experiment. For now, these are my exceptions to the rule "buy nothing new":

1. underwear, bras, and socks
2. hygiene products- deodorant, toothpaste, etc.- plus lotions and prescription drugs
3. expendables- light bulbs, car tires, replacements for air purifier, etc.
4. slippers
5. athletic shoes
6. food, of course

I reserve the right to add to this list throughout the year, while doing my best to stick to the philosophy of borrowing, bartering, or buying used.

On March 23rd, I added:
7. flip flops
8. reading glasses
9. bathing suits
10. charities
11. services

Although it's been pointed out to me that charities and services are part of The Compact, because the group was originally formed to go beyond recycling, and so charities and services have always been exempt.

1 comment:

KarenSantaFe said...

Hi Ang, you thrifty saver you! I say "you go, girl" on the $7 gloves for the Jane Austen ball. Because life is also about fun, right?

For slippers, I suggest flip flops instead or, if your feet get cold, do what the knitters do and wear socks. Or be a hippy nerd like they are here in Santa Fe and wear socks with sandals, which I would sooner die than do in public but it's a big look in these parts. I've been wearing slippers since the brain tumor thing (which caused severe edema and gave me bubble feet) and I can't wait to burn the f'ing things once my feet can fit back into my regular shoes!

When I moved here I took about two years and went through everything I owed and got rid of about half of it, literally. It felt GREAT. I'm getting ready to do it again this Spring -- furniture, jewelry, plants, just all this STUFF that actually clogs the energy of my life. Check out my friend Carol's web site (she has a free newsletter too) www.FengShuiForRealLife.com on decluttering tips.

BTW Rev. Michael Beckwith from Agape Church councils to think of money not as, well, money, but as energy in motion. It's an interesting concept and I've been trying it on. 'Cause the flip side of spending is hoarding, and neither honors our higher selves. What I am noticing about getting rid of stuff and spending much less is that I am MUCH more present to the abundance all around me, the wildly abundant planet we dwell upon. Maybe that's part of it -- by letting go we gain access to it all. Anyway, enough rambling. I love you my darling and dear friend. Big love and hugs to George too!!! Karen (in Santa Fe)