December 28, 2009

CSA Delivery: Return of Greens

We've been receiving this delivery of local, organic produce since May and this is the first time I have to admit we're a little disappointed. No fruit?! I know in some parts of the country there wouldn't be any fruit available at this time of the year, but I didn't expect that here in Southern California. I was hoping for more pears and tangerines, and maybe grapefruit.

But I shouldn't complain about this beautiful spread. There are tons of greens, some I'll cook for a New Year's Eve supper with black-eyed peas and the rest I shouldn't have any trouble using up. I don't have any recipes for the daikon, but I'll bet that would make an interesting salad.

Here's what we got, roughly clockwise from the back: mustard greens, baby bok choy, broccoli rabe, blue potatoes, flat red kale, bull's blood beets, broccoli, daikon, carrots, small red onions with tops, cilantro, china rose radish, and a bag of baby spinach.

Having a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) delivery is helping us eat more healthfully, and we eat more produce and a greater variety. It's forcing us to be more creative with our cooking.

Do you have a CSA delivery service in your area? If you're not sure, click here to find out more about CSA and to find one near you. And please share your suggestions and recipes for any of the produce in this photo in the Comments section, especially the daikon.


Non Consumer Girl said...

What a shame there is no fruit!

One of my favourite ways of enjoying baby spinach is to slice some onion into rings and lightly panfry in some olive oil. Toss in the baby spinach into the pan and then stir through until wilted.

Vinelady said...

What about making some kimchi with the daikon and some of the greens?

Alea said...

It all looks delicious. Only a month or two and you will have lots of fruit again.

We also eat "poor" on New Year's Day and have greens and Hoppin' John, so as the custom goes, we will eat "rich" the rest of the year. Your CSA deliveries truly do allow you to eat rich all year long!

Angela said...

Non Consumer Girl- We're going to have the spinach tomorrow night and I'll try that. Thanks.

Vinelady- I have no idea how to make kimchi but I'll look it up. Thanks for the suggestion.

Alea- We didn't get fruit because she shopped at the Farmer's Markets over the weekend and because of Christmas a lot of them weren't even there and the rest of the fruit didn't look very good. I plan on making do with the neighbor's grapefruit, a lot of frozen fruit in our freezer for smoothies, and a few bananas, which I don't think I'll ever give up even though they're not local. I think I'm going to try the eating "poor" on New Year's Day with black eyed peas and greens and maybe cornbread.

Jackie said...

I know you've said that you plan on staying on the Compact, but I was wondering, since your year is almost up, is there anything you plan on purchasing new in January? Something you've realized that you can't find used, or just really have been wanting to splurge on? I'm curious!

Angela said...

Jackie- Thanks for your question! I've been getting emails with questions lately and plan to start answering them tomorrow and over the next week or two. And I'll definitely be answering yours.