February 17, 2009

Girls just want to have fun

I'm going to be writing more about how to have fun without spending money. I'm inspired by Natalie, aka The Frugalista, over at The Frugalista Files. Check out her blog- it's great. Her tag line is "the frugal side of fabulous" and it's all about living well on less money and having fun on a budget. She often posts about free concerts, free breakfasts, free facials, all kinds of free stuff you can enjoy if you know where to find it.

I like her focus on fun and I'm inspired by it because for me so far The Compact has been fun. For one thing, a challenge is fun for me, but for another I think it's fun to discover, or remember, all the things that money can't buy. I don't want this blog to be an exercise in self-sacrifice or matyrdom. I look at my challenge of not buying anything new for a year as a sort of game.

Free stuff alert: If you live in Los Angeles, check out the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Free admission the second tuesday of each month, plus after 5pm every day. Closed on wednesdays. They also screen films and have free friday night concerts in the summer months. http://www.lacma.org/

The silver lining in this recession may be that we'll all rediscover some of our favorite things - like a picnic in the park, making sandcastles on the beach, and camping out in the backyard. What are some of your favorite free activities?


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi :)

The heading for your post reminds me an advertisement for scooters which is quite popular here in India. The ad says:


There are many things you can do without spending money. But the most difficult part is to have fun without spending money because everyone feels that you can have real fun only if you spend money. There is always something missing or lacking if money is not spent.

Here are some things a person can do without spending money-- go for long brisk walk, listen to music, do window shopping, visit a public library, write an article to your local news paper, write a letter to your parents without talking to them on the phone, hand wash your clothes, cook your own food and don't eat in hotels. These are some of the things which immediately come to my mind.

My best wishes to you for success in your resolution which is hard to keep for one long year :)

calimama said...

Angela, thanks for the link! You've spurred me to spread the bloggy love and link to some of the great Compact-y blogs I've found recently.

Angela said...

Hey Leigh-
Thanks for the comment. I like your blog and have been meaning to e-mail you for the past few days. I haven't found that many good ones yet- just you and Katy, but I'm still looking.
I'm having a great time so far with The Compact and the blog.

Angela said...

Thanks for your comments, and best wishes back to you. :)