February 20, 2009

Jeans made in heaven?

Anyone who read my previous post about my panicked jean shopping spree on December 31st (Last Day to Shop), the day before I joined The Compact, will understand why I was irritated when I read today's Daily Candy. With the title "Heavenly Creatures," we learn that Made in Heaven jeans have arrived in the U.S. I don't even know what that means, and already I want them. Damn. The first line of the little ad/article is "Shopping for jeans can be hell on earth." No kidding. It goes on, "Behold Made in Heaven. The second coming of the original British denim line has descended on America. Answering your prayers for a few perfect pairs, spring presents classic London..." It goes on from there, describing different styles, and I want all of them! So irritating. I'm convinced I really need these jeans, they probably fit perfectly, look amazing, and are so comfortable they feel like you're wearing sweats. Daily Candy is banned from my universe.

The new jeans I bought are okay, but neither of them are perfect. You know what I mean- the pair of jeans you'd put on every day if you weren't embarrassed to be wearing the same thing all the time? My favorite pair of jeans were a pair of 501s that were hand-me-downs from my brother. I used to get all my jeans from him when we were the same size. It worked out perfect because he liked to wear them slightly new and dark and I loved them light and worn in. I wore those jeans all through my twenties until right before my 30th birthday, they tore beyond repair while I was wearing them. They had already been patched several times with colorful fabric across the bum and the knees were left torn (this was the early 90s). Maybe I'll do okay buying jeans from a thrift store. Do you remember your favorite pair of jeans? I have an idea that jeans are the blankies of our early adulthood. Write and tell me your thoughts about all things jean-related.

Free stuff alert: If you live anywhere near Long Beach, CA, this concert sounds really cool. The Los Angeles based Indie/Rock/Americana band Everest will be playing a free in-store concert at 2pm on Sunday at Fingerprints Music Store. Everest is made up of current and former band members of Earlimart, Sebadoh, Alaska!, The Watson Twins, Great Northern, and Stanford Prison Experiment. They have opened up for Death Cab for Cutie and Neil Young. For more information on Everest and to listen to music samples visit: everestband.com or myspace.com/everest. You can also find out more at http://www.fingerprintsmusic.com/.

I don't know the band, but I love Neil Young, and I think I would love Death Cab for Cutie if I was more hip and listened to more new music. And with a 2pm start time, you'll be home in time to watch the Academy Awards starting at 5pm.


Bliss said...

I am struggling with jeans too. I don't think you can find the perfect pair. I think the marketing people know we all want the perfect pair and they all just say they make the perfect pair. If we think something is unatainable, we will keep searching and buying things, hoping to fulfill our dreams. This means more money spent trying.

Lately, I have heard, to get something to fit, most people have to have things altered. The only way to get a "perfect" fit.

I have one pair that I am really liking right now. I don't know if they will last through my year without buying anything. On the bright side for you, I did find them at Goodwill. It takes just as much time to find second hand jeans as it does if you are buying new.

In my 20's my favorite jeans were old Levi's handed down from my then boyfriend. They did eventually rip beyond repair.

I agree with your "blankie" theory!

calimama said...

As a grown-up I, like most women, have had jean envy. Everybody always had jeans they loved. Everybody except me! I had heard for a couple of years about 7 For All Mankind but I absolutely refused to pay over $100 for a pair of jeans. Until one day I broke down and tried them on. OMG! They fit amazingly. I was won over although still dismayed by the price tag. But I've owned 2 pairs over the last 8 years (I can go days wearing them over and over!) and still feel like they were worth the investment. I'm glad I'm not in the market right now though, I've yet to see them in my thrift stores!

My husband on the other hand is thrilled at the idea of hitting the thrifties for his jeans this year! Go figure.

Marylyn said...

OK, I'm in my fifties. Jeans were NOT the biggest thing for me at all. My thing was finding black, lacy-patterned pantyhose, or even stockings, to go with my short dresses. Think London in the 1960s. I always thought jeans were...very unfashionable. If I wore pants, I wore leather ones or pin-striped, bell-bottomed hip-huggers. I never have reconciled with jeans. I tell myself they are supposed to be the relaxed-but-goodlooking pant, but I never feel right in them, and it's not because they don't fit. I have ALWAYS gotten mine at thrift shops or consignment shops. I agree with Bliss-- it takes just as much time to find a pair that fits in a thrift store. You have to try them all on. But my thrift store has hundreds. I like to buy the ones in colors-- maroon, brown, black. I just don't like that blue-jean look, for some reason. To me jeans are pants to work in, hike in, and to mess around the house in, but NOT to go out in. I only have one pair of blue ones.

Angela Barton said...

Woo hoo- I have GOT to see a photo of you in the pinstriped bellow-bottomed hip huggers. I actually wear skirts a lot more often than jeans, but I actually like blue denim and even have a couple of jean skirts. They're pretty stylish now- one jean skirt has beads and the other has embroidery in the pattern of large flowers. I always get lots of compliments.

Angela said...

whoops! make that bell-bottomed... wonder what bellow-bottomed pants would look like...