September 12, 2009

Restaurant Coupons: 90% OFF

If you haven't come across this deal yet, is offering 90% OFF through tomorrow, Sunday September 13th.

I'm usually wary of coupons, sometimes they're not worth the trouble, there are too many restrictions, or they get forgotten in a drawer or the bottom of my purse. But you buy these coupons for specific restaurants you already know and love, and there are restrictions but they're minimal.

They normally offer $25 coupons for $10, already a great deal. This weekend they're offering the same $25 coupons for just $1. That's practically a giveaway price!

Go to, type in your zip code, find your restaurant, and then plug in this coupon code: NINETY. Thanks to Leigh at Compact by Design for the tip.


Cate said...

Thanks! I was able to get a $10 gift certificate (minimum purchase of $20) to our favorite Indian restaurant for only 40 cents! What a wonderful deal.

Angela said...

Cate- Yay! I love it! What a deal.
Thanks for sharing that.

Indian food - if it's good - is my absolute favorite.

Heather said...

I wanted to say thanks because I get some really great coupons from you sometimes. I found a new site people should check out - - it's supposed to be set up for local coupons like restaurants and local small businesses. It looks like they're still working on the site but I signed up for a free account anyway because it's the only site I've seen like that - I know it's next to impossible to find coupons online in my town (Sacramento). Just thought I'd pass it along. Thanks again for the great deals - keep 'em coming!

Angela said...

Heather- Thanks for the tip- I will definitely check that out and post about it. And I'm SO glad you've made use of some of the coupons I've posted about. Yay. We've used two of these awesome restaurant coupons so far- pure savings!

Thanks for letting me know!

Leslie McLean said...

That awesome. A similar site for restaurant coupons and coupons for tons of other kinds of businesses is