September 30, 2009

Make your own envelopes

I made all these envelopes from an old World Wildlife calendar in about 10 minutes! I love them!

It was actually fun, and I can't wait to use them. My mom is definitely getting the panda face.

One of my favorite things I've been doing this year is making greeting cards, mostly for birthdays and holidays. Usually I use a photo and print it out on photo-quality paper, or make a color copy from an old photograph, like this card I made for my dad on Father's Day. They're fun to make, more personal, and people have told me they really enjoy them. And of course, I'm not purchasing new (as per The Compact) and I'm saving money.

Now I'll be making my own envelopes too. The sky's the limit as far as what to use, but old calendars work great. Other options are catalogs, sheet music, maps, and just about any kind of junk mail, as long as it's at least 8 1/2" X 11".

I used the tutorial from this post on the great blog Compact by Design. Leigh is a fellow Compacter, plus she's a designer so she often posts fun DIY projects.

Did I mention that it's super easy? And you hardly need any supplies. Basically just your paper plus scissors and scotch tape. If you get really good at it, you won't even need the scissors. You'll see what I mean when you try it.

I love this because it's a perfect win/win: I get to recycle the old calendars or other paper products, and I get some "free" envelopes. Oh, and since it's also fun, I guess it's a perfect win/win/win.

Have you ever tried making your own envelopes? I promise you, it's even easier than making a paper airplane! Tell us about your favorite easy DIY projects in the Comments section. And let me know if you try the envelopes!


tammy said...

Angela I love your calendar envelopes! You have to try the couture mags for facinating photos.

Compact by Design...oh I'll be reading all night!! LOL

Good luck with your envelope project. they are SO much fun and it feels good to be creative and keep things OUT of the landfill!

Cate said...

This is so neat! I've never made envelopes before...and I'd like to try it. I just need to find some junk mail that isn't boring/ugly, or be willing to cut up our old calendars..hmm. I'll find something! Your envelopes look great.

Alea said...

Your envelopes are wonderful! I can't wait to try it out.

I wrote a post yesterday on ways that I use junk mail:

WilliamB said...

Haven't made envelopes but I've bought only one box in 6-7 years because I reuse envelopes. Take an envelope from junk mail, catalog, magazine renewal, etc.

Put a mailing label over the pre-printed mailing address, scratch out the computer code on the bottom edge - very important! it's the computerized mailing address - and you're ready to rock.

I use the back side of paper for most of my printing, too. I buy new paper about once every 3 years. I hadn't realized how much of what I print is informal or just for me, so it doesn't matter if there's something on the back.

Al said...

Great project. I'm going to try it out this week for a thank you note that I need to write. I've been saving a calendar or two for just this type of task.

I reuse paper a lot, particularly at work. I save a stack of used pieces at my desk as a scratch pad. Once I'm done with it, I shred it, recycle it, or do both, since I often take home the shredded paper waste at my office to ensure that it's recycled.

Angela said...

Tammy- Thanks! Yes, I think they're great for my very first try. Couture mags are a great idea, but I don't ever buy them.

Cate- Yes, the calendars work great but if you start looking, I'll bet you'll find something. I love the idea of using maps.

Alea- Isn't it funny, we were on the same wavelength! I love your post, the bookmarks are great.

WilliamB- Yes, we don't buy many envelopes, but this was more about recycling than actually saving money on envelopes. Plus, they're prettier! Good idea to use the envelopes from junk mail. I've been trying to eliminate it, but I don't think it will ever stop entirely, so now I can use some of it! And like you, I always print on both sides of paper.

Al- Good luck! The calendar worked great for me. I'm definitely going to keep doing this.

Thanks everyone for your comments! I am so happy that you're reading my blog and that we're sharing so much. I really feel lucky.

Angela said...

I love making envelopes - and it is such fun actually receiving them too!

Leigh @ compactbydesign said...


Thanks for the props! I love this project and have had a blast making envelopes from all the magazines I have collected but can't bear to part with!

Total aside, I am still so disappointed with the photo on The Compact Yahoo Group site. I know it was a big discussion earlier in the year to change it. I don't know why they haven't. A group of shoppers racing into Wal Mart just doesn't scream "Compact" to me!!

Angela said...

Angela- I was surprised how much fun it is! Hey, if everyone starts making them, we'll get to receive them too!

Leigh- Yes, the tutorial is great. And I agree about that photo- it is so lame. I can't believe every time I link to The Compact, that is the page where people get sent. I would have never joined based on that.

Donna Freedman said...

Cate: Watch the "free" box at yard sales. They sometimes have old calendars.

Angela said...

Donna- That's a great idea. Thanks for the tip.

Tricia said...

They are such lovely envelopes! I can just imagine how pleased the lucky recipients will be.