June 11, 2010

Food Waste Friday plus Favorite Blog Post of the Week

No picture, no food waste. A little boring visually, but I'm happy about it.

I'm especially pleased because last night I expected to come home to several items that were about to end up in a photo, only to find my husband had eaten every one of them! I know I brag on him an awful lot, but he deserves it. And his skills go way beyond not wasting food, but he sure is a champ in that area. Much better than I am.

For those of you who are new to this blog, I wrote this post called Refrigerator Games over a year ago when I was first becoming conscious of how much food we throw away. All I did was create a section in our refrigerator with a label that says "Eat Me!" and I put all the food that needs to be eaten soon in that section. My husband goes to it for snacks and lunches, and the system works out well because not only do we use up almost all of our food, but he knows where to look for it. It focuses his energy.

Here are some of the items I was concerned about:

*Leftover veggie curry. I had eaten it twice already, so I froze the last of it to eat later when we're not already sick of it.

*Cooked snap peas. We had these in the refrigerator almost two weeks before I finally cooked them and then they were too stringy and bitter for me. My husband actually shelled them and ate the peas inside!

*A small amount of cooked black beans. Eaten by my husband along with the peas.

We've got a lot of lettuce in the crisper, so we'll have to concentrate on that to make sure it doesn't end up in next week's photo. And since we had our CSA delivery this week, I did a light shopping trip just to stock up on a few essentials and baking ingredients.

Check out Wasted Food to find out more about how wasting food is bad for the environment, and head over to The Frugal Girl for the roundup of bloggers trying to limit their food waste, one family at a time. You're guaranteed to see pictures there!

FAVORITE BLOG POST OF THE WEEK: I love this post by Debb Whitlock called Balance is Bull****! Debb writes a blog offering financial advice for women. Her philosophy is that you deserve access to financial information regardless of the size of your investment portfolio. This post about the illusion of balance really hit home for me. Many of us are trying to bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan plus all that stuff about not letting him forget he's a man, and it just doesn't always work like that. Check it out, it's very empowering!


Debb Whitlock said...

Thanks for the shout out Angela - it is truly appreciated. Glad my thoughts resonated with another powerful woman.

Betsy Talbot said...

So glad Debb is getting a shout out. She provides such great education to women about money, and she's a lot of fun to boot.

sue holm said...

Great idea about segregating food in the fridge.

As a single woman, I've thrown away way to many leftover beans. I've started putting left over beans in a freezer bag -- just whatever is left -- mixing them up. When the bag is fullish, I make many bean chili or soup. I've also been known to add some "different" beans into the blender when I'm making hummus.

Angela said...

Debb and Betsy- Loved both of your posts on the issue of balance- big thanks!

sue- That's a great idea about putting beans in the freezer- I guess it's not something most people would think of freezing. I've never made my own hummus, but I'll bet it's delicious. I love to make pesto! If you'd care to share your hummus recipe, I'd love to try it and post it as a Meatless Monday recipe.

Thanks for your comments!