June 25, 2010

Food Waste Friday plus Favorite Blog Post of the Week

Okay, first things first. The reason there's no food waste photo isn't because we had a zero waste week, and it's not because I didn't take a photo or even because I didn't feel like posting a photo of rotten food. It's because I didn't even have time to clean out the refrigerator or figure out what our food waste was.

I've been working away from home more than usual and have had little time to cook or keep track of leftovers. My husband has been largely on his own and mostly doing fine, but I know for certain there is at the very least some much-less-than-crisp lettuce in the crisper that he has complained to me about. I haven't even had time to move it to the compost bin, which is solely my job, because my husband will put up with my food waste/compost bin shenanigans only so far, which has been indicated to me by raised eyebrows and veiled complaints in his questions about the food scraps that seem to perpetually litter our counters and back deck on their way to the compost bin. I can't throw any of that in the trash anymore! But asking him to take the step of actually putting stuff in the bin might be the straw that breaks my patient husband's back. So I continue with my possibly whimsical hobbies at my own peril. They do sometimes seem whimsical when I witness neighbors who fill entire dumpsters with the excess debris of their lives and workplaces that waste in one day what I couldn't begin to go through in a lifetime. But we food waste soldiers continue the fight...

So, we have waste, but I'm not sure what or how much it is. I'll be back in the swing by next Friday. Check out The Frugal Girl to see how she and other bloggers did with the challenge of wasting less food this week.

FAVORITE BLOG POST OF THE WEEK: I couldn't decide between two different posts this week, both from the same blog! Alea at Premeditated Leftovers is on a roll, and this post about why they rent rather than own is not only practical and useful, it's hysterical. While you're there, check out this post with a recipe for what she calls Mother Hubbard Cookies, because they're what she bakes when the cupboard is bare. I can't wait to try the 3-ingredient recipe for Peanut Butter cookies, which look delicious and take just minutes to whip up. Thanks Alea!

Are you watching your food waste? How did you do this week? Please leave your questions, tips, and advice in the Comments section.


Alea said...

So my husband isn't the only one! I sometimes think the only thing my husband likes about my composting efforts is that it gives him something to tease me about. I have to remind him before EVERY dinner party that our guests do not want a graphic description of how I make the soil that I grow the veggies in while eating their salad (especially since my horses make a contribution).

I am honored that you chose to feature my posts! I was nervous about publishing the post on renting (I wasn't sure my readers were ready for undiluted Alea), so I sincerely appreciate how well it has been received.

Angela said...

Alea- Since we started getting a CSA delivery, there is SO much more produce scraps- carrot tops, etc. that I just couldn't bear to throw it in the garbage. I have three compost containers now, and that side of composting is more fuzzy to me. I can get the stuff IN there, but none of it has come OUT yet to make its way into the yard or be used for gardening.

The renting post was so funny. I think my favorite line was describing yourself as "way more obnoxious in real life" and your husband as "insufferable." Some of the Nevada jokes were great too- we actually have a dear friend who lives in the pit of Nevada- Bullhead City- she moved there for a job- and all the jokes worked.

Going to make the cookies for my husband this weekend to make up for irritating him with all my composting/food waste rules.

Angela said...

Made these for my husband this morning- he ate them for breakfast! They're delicious, and I'll never use the old recipe again. I can't wait to try with almond butter.

Alea said...

I am so glad that you both liked them!