June 20, 2009

My favorite new recipe from the blogs

Guadalajaran Swiss Chard Quesadillas

I found this recipe at My Friend Oprah, and she got it from Vegetarian Times. It's easy and scrumptious. I love to check out My Friend Oprah for delicious vegetarian recipes, along with a lot of other things. Stacey writes about living a joyful life and she's inspired me to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) because she made it look so delicious.

She also feeds her family of 3 a local, organic diet on $80 a week. I think that's remarkable. She answered a challenge by The Crunchy Chicken to eat local and organic on the Food Stamp budget, and she's kept it up. Now we're doing the same, to help dispel the myth that if you're poor, you can't eat healthy food.

These quesadillas were so delicious, not only did my husband eat them without complaining, he wanted seconds. What's great about that is that he hates swiss chard, and most greens in general. So if you want to encourage someone in your family to eat more greens, this is a delicious option. And if it comes from Vegetarian Times, it must be healthy.

Please leave your ideas and questions in the Comments section.


Ellen said...

I have my latest issue of Vegetarian Times sitting on my coffee table. It just came the other day, and I'm leaving it out to remind myself to call them on Monday to see if they have an online only subscription. If so, that'll be one less bit of recycling coming into my house. Love them though, and won't do without!

Corey said...

That sounds really good. Your blog is inspiring, Angela!

Hope :) said...

I just gave that recipe a try too, using the Swiss chard we got from our CSA. Fantastic, no? I'll definitely be trying it again. :)

Angela said...

Ellen- That's a good idea to get VT online. I don't subscribe, but I've found some great recipes from other people through that magazine.

Corey- Thanks! I'm so glad you're inspired! And please let me know if you try the quesadillas. I can't wait until we get chard in our CSA box again.

Hope- yes, we both loved them. I think they're good enough to make for company. Thanks for coming by!

Stacey said...

Hi again!

I haven't been reading blogs lately - too much other stuff on my plate - but I'm working in the hospital today (the irony is I *always* have more time to be on the computer at work than at home!) and able to catch up on my favorites! And what a surprise to see that you featured my blog in such a lovely way! I'm so glad the quesadillas are such a hit! As you know I get most of my recipes from them - I just put whatever ingredient I have into their search and always get something tasty! Cheers!