June 18, 2009

Non-consumer Father's Day gift ideas

Here are some ideas for celebrating Father's Day in a Compact-y way...

Your dad probably doesn't need another tie. What most dads really want is to spend time with you, so try these experiences instead:

1. Camping- Get out in nature, pitch a tent, start a fire, and bond. You might even want to make it a tradition.

2. Fishing- Similarly, it's about nature and bonding. And the meditative aspect might be good for some heartfelt conversation.

3. Other outdoor activities- Hiking, biking, kayaking and canoeing...the options are endless.

4. Golf- Enjoy a beautiful day on the fairway. If you're not golfers, take a lesson together.

5. Go Kart racing- A fun option that will get the adrenaline pumping.

6. Ballgame- Go see his favorite sports team together. Check out ticket prices on ebay or Craigslist.

7. Concert- If your father enjoys music, this can be a lot of fun, especially in the summertime with a picnic. I took my dad to a Dave Brubeck concert on the bay in San Diego a few years ago and he loved it.

8. Beer or wine tasting- A good option if your dad isn't the sporty type.

Remember, you don't have to do these things ON Father's Day. You can give him a card and plan a date.

And if none of these ideas fit the bill, or your dad is infirm or lives far away, homemade gifts or food are always an option:

1. A handmade card. Mine (above) shows my dad and I on two different beach days when I was young (and so was he!)

2. If you're an artist or photographer, have one of your creations put onto a mug or a t-shirt. My husband does this all the time with his caricatures and they are really great gifts. It's fun to see who will notice if you're wearing a caricature of yourself.

3. Bake bread, cookies, brownies, a pie, or a cake. My dad's favorite is gingerbread, and he always gets two loaves.

4. If he lives alone, cooking his favorite meal is a thoughtful gesture. Especially if he's older, he probably doesn't cook much more for himself than a frozen dinner.

Those are just a few ideas for celebrating Father's Day without spending a lot of money. Spend TIME instead. Figure out what would be meaningful for your dad, and get creative. Tell me your gift ideas or some of your best Father's Day memories in the Comments section.


Becky said...

Great ideas here. It's so tempting to go out and buy something as a token of your love, but these are all so much more meaningful.

Alea said...

Great ideas! Thanks for the reminder. It is funny because as a parent I want to spend my birthday or Mother's Day doing a fun activity with my kids, but then I go out and buy my Dad a present for holidays. Off to buy tickets to visit my dad...

Kate Sommers said...

Thanks for the tips...I now have a great idea for Kenny's gift.
It's like taking a walk through memory lane with your blog!
I never saw these photos but it's fun to see you back then and your dad.
He has always been SO handsome! And you are so cute in BOTH photos.Thanks for sharing.
I got my book cover design back today.I LOVE it!
I'll email you the sample.

calimama @ compactbydesign said...

But if your dad did need a tie wouldn't making one be a great compromise?!!
Love your suggestions, I'll keep them for when my kids want to "borrow" $20 to get Dad a gift!

Angela said...

Becky- Yes, I'm a big proponent of "experiential" gifts. It happened about five years ago, when my parents were moving into a smaller house and getting rid of a lot of STUFF. They didn't need any more of it, and what they appreciated was something different and/or spending time with their grown children (no grandchildren- boo hoo).

Alea- Glad you were inspired to get the tickets...

Katie-I'm sorry, I don't know if I'll ever be able to call you anything but Katie. Yes, my dad was handsome, and he's still a handsome old man. In better shape than I am. Wish we could see his face on these photos, actually- but I love the way you can recognize a person from the back or by their hairline or shoulders, or all of those things. Glad you thought of a nice gift for Kenny!

Calimama- I didn't mean to diss your handmade ties, I love your ties! In fact, I wish I would have thought of linking to that post for the close of this one- "but if you want to give him a tie, make your own..." etc. I'm always thinking of things I WISH I had written in a post.

folks- check out Calimama's handmade ties- they're easy, and they're super fun... http://compactbydesign.com/2009/06/16/788/

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Non Consumer Girl said...

Angela, thanks for the great ideas for Father's Day gifts.

One of the things I really enjoyed doing with my dad as an adult was going out on the golf course for a hit of golf every now and again. Neither of us were much good, but it didn't matter.

It was a lovely day spent together.

Davis said...

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