June 27, 2009

Non-consumer Friday Night Date

Last night after dinner, I asked my husband what he wanted to do...

Then I said, "We could go to Columbo's (our local bar/restaurant/live music joint), or take a walk, or watch a movie, or go over to Jean-Marie's and lay in the hammock." My husband knows I love to make lists, so he indulged me by allowing me to finish that run-on sentence.

Jean-Marie is our neighbor, and he's a man. He sometimes refers to himself as Jean-Paul, because it's just too confusing for some people. But it's actually a common name in France.

Anyway, he's on holiday in France for a few weeks, and he told us to feel free to hang out in his yard while he was away. He has a lovely, peaceful backyard with a lot of big trees and plants, and best of all he has a really comfortable hammock.

To my delight, my husband suggested a walk followed by a visit to Jean-Marie's backyard. So we took a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood and ended up in the hammock by the light of the crescent moon and a candle. It was so peaceful it was like we'd been transported to the country.

The cost of our non-consumer date? Nothing, of course. And it was fabulous. What are some of your favorite non-consumer dates and activities? Let us know in the Comments section.


Stacey said...

Hi Angela! I came to your blog today to tell you that I will be writing on the topic Iris Murdoch's idea of "continuous small treats" that you shared a while back and I see that you are continuing the theme, too!

I love hammocks and I hope we will have one on our porch someday! I'm so glad you shared such a lovely experience last night with your husband!

Really, I looked at my last few days and how they were filled with so many delights - and they cost so little or nothing at all (playing soccer in the street with my boys, then taking a walk with them with homemade ice cream cones, bubble baths and sunflower bouquets) - and I knew I had to write about the continuous small treats of summer!

For a date my husband and I have been planning to watch "Burn After Reading" - a dvd we acquired for free from DVDSwap.com - but with it staying light so late my son doesn't go to sleep until after 10 and we're too tired to watch it!

Luckily we all enjoy the time we spend together as family so much that the "date" doesn't seem so important - but I am looking forward to it happening!

Jill said...

My husband and I enjoys evenings playing backgammon after the boys go to bed. He usually beats me, but I love making him work so hard to do so! And it's freeeeee!

Non Consumer Girl said...

We are just getting ready to go out on a "Day Date".

As my husband works shifts, and I am working part time, we have a free morning together, while my daughter is at school.

We are going for a walk around our neighbourhood, and then to the cafe for a coffee, some talking, some reading of papers.

It is a beautiful, sunny blue sky day in Sydney in the middle of winter. It is 20 degrees Celsius ( almost t-shirt weather!)

Good Mom said...

How relaxing... I love hammocks!

WilderMiss said...

What's as lovely as a hammock?

A romantic data that MM and I enjoy yet costs little to nothing is snowshoeing at night time. Since the snow is white and reflective it's really easy to do and a headlamp is pretty much optional. Our local mountain has various lovely view points, on of which overlooks the city and is beautiful at night. We often bring our fondu pot along and have a lovely dinner of bread and cheese fondue all for no more than the cost of dinner.

Angela said...

I'm so glad you're all enjoying date nights without breaking the bank!

Wildermiss- Your romantic date takes the cake!! And the fondue really puts it over the top! Wow.

Jen said...

On Sunday night my fiance and I raided our board game cacheand ended up playing Battleship and sharing a huge bowl of microwaved popcorn for a few hours. The sponteneity and innocence of our "date" was priceless.(literally!)

Cate said...

My husband and I enjoy taking walks, too. We live in a great little neighborhood with a pedestrian-friendly main street, and we like to walk along and window-shop, or go down to the city reservoir and walk around there. Now that we have a 1-month old, it's especially nice to bring her out for a walk and get some exercise and fresh air.