March 23, 2010

Girl Time

That's me with my 7-year-old niece. We were able to get in some quality niece-aunt bonding during our visit last week when we slept together on the floor two nights in a row. My husband took this cute photo. I am so lucky to have such a sweet niece, she actually says things like, "Aunt Angela, can we have some Girl Time tonight?" and "We need to do more cuddling tonight."

She's a born non-consumer. Her 8th birthday is still two months away, and she's already got a plan written down for her slumber party. I think she calls it a sleepover. She's written down the names of the six girls who are invited, plus what they'll do: cake and ice cream, change into pjs, watch a movie, get into sleeping bags, and bed talk (talking while you're in your sleeping bags- the best part!). Pretty simple stuff, but infinitely exciting when you're "almost eight." And decidedly non-consumer activities.

Maybe at heart, that's all any of us really need to be happy: cake and ice cream, pajamas, and watching a movie and spending the night with your favorite people. To me it sounds perfect. I wish adults could have sleepovers! Who says they can't? Maybe I'll start planning one for my birthday next year. The problem is that some of my favorite people are men, and I don't think middle-aged people can have coed slumber parties without people thinking they're swingers or just bonkers.

What do you think? Coed sleepovers for middle-aged friends? Great idea or seriously stupid? This could be the biggest craze since the hula hoop. Please leave your thoughts, rants and opinions in the Comments section.


Alea said...

Make it a camp out (at a nearby beach or state park) and nobody will think it odd at all.

Cate said...

Hahahaha! Sounds fun to me. People might think you're bonkers, but they just don't understand the magic of sleepovers!

This is a great post--you sound so happy and tickled with yourself. :-)

Non Consumer Girl said...

It sounds like your niece and you have a lovely bond!

Betsy Talbot said...

I like the idea of adult sleepovers! We actually rent cabins with friends a few times a year for long weekend "vacations" that are a short drive or ferry ride away. It is fun to cook together, hike, tell stories long into the night, and watch the dogs play together. I've never really thought of it as a sleepover, but I will now! Heading out for one next weekend and will share this idea with my friends. :)

Diana said...

What a timely post! Two differnt groups of my female friends are planning sleep overs.

One of my friends owns a vacation rental house which three of us will gather at.

Another friend is planning something at her house when her kids are with their dad.

The women in my life seem to be carving some kid free girl time! Some deep conversation and wine.

I can see where it might be complicated with in mixed company. I personally wouldn't care what strangers think, but it may be hard to convince the spouses.

Angela said...

Diana- Deep conversation and wine, right up my alley!

Yes, I think camping is the adult version of a sleepover.

Ellen said...

Sounds like you started your birthday celebration with your niece--what could be nicer or more fitting! I too used to have sleepovers for bday parties, or no reason at all. I think the first was on my 9th bday when I (finally!) got my own room separate from my sister.

Lomagirl said...

Grownups usually call it "camping." My daughter is having a sleepover for her birthday, too.
And I'm planning one with grownups (we refused to label ourselves as middle-aged). It'll be a mixed group of women and gay men. The husbands are going to have to stay home with the kids.