March 13, 2010

The Secret Is Out. Spread the Word.

Last night we finally watched "The Cove," the winner of the Academy Award for best documentary feature.

It is brilliant filmmaking that will move you, anger you, and inspire you. A phenomenal film that must be seen. It's about so much more than what you might have heard, and it's impossible to describe how many layers of meaning unfold as it casts its spell over you.

It does everything a good film is supposed to do. In a twist of the Nike motto, "Just see it."

It's available on Netflix, and the DVD contains some stunning extra underwater footage.

Click here to get involved in exposing this horror to the world, so that it will finally end.


Cate said...

Thanks for reminding me to put this on our Netflix queue! I'm really interested to see it.

Kate Sommers said...

Have you seen the documentary No Impact Man?
Both your blog and that film have made me look at things in a new way where I'm confronting my personal impact on the environment.
I thought I was living consciously
but have come to realize that I like to think I'm doing more than I really am...kinda like exercising!
You're making a difference here Angela!!
I love the Nike motto:
Just Do It!

farouk said...

you motivated me to watch it Angela:)

Forest Parks said...

I still have not seen the film but I really really want to and will do soon.... If this moved you I really really urge you to watch the Documentary "Earthlings".

You can find a link on my blog post:

I would love to know what you think of Earthlings if you do watch it.


danielle said...

Glad you saw this, Angela! Not that I was really planning on going ever again, but Sea World is now officially off my list of things to do.

I saw this at the end of its run last year and T and I were the only people in the theater, which made it even more ominous and impacting, we thought. :)

Ellen said...

I'll be adding this to my Netflix queue! Thanks for the suggestion. I'm really surprised--the DGA is screening Food Inc. for their members on April 14th. Pretty progressive for them. Not a regular screening though--falls under the category of "Special Projects." ;o)