April 13, 2010

Blue Hair Day

This is far from my favorite photo of myself. No makeup, bad angle, and I look tired and a little frightened or skeptical of the photographer (my husband!) But I promised you a photograph of my blue hair streak, and you can see it pretty well here. It's already a little faded, but I have my own tube of blue dye now if I want to brighten it up.

Putting this streak in my hair was my non-consumer gift to my husband for his birthday. For years, he's been suggesting that I do something of the sort to my hair, and I always just laugh and humor him, usually saying I was too old for that sort of thing.

This year I went back to my old view of the subject: "It's just hair." It can be colored or survive a really bad cut, and it always grows back. No biggie. It's much more forgiving than a tattoo or piercings in that way. So I figured I would do it for him, and if I hated it, I'd just cover it up in a couple of weeks.

The surprise is that it's been really fun. It's a social experiment to see how people react. A surprising range of men and women, young and old, have been extremely complimentary about it. For some reason, older women and Latino men in their twenties seem particularly fond of it. I don't know what it signifies on their radar, but it's been fascinating.

Most importantly, my husband loves it. He was absolutely thrilled that I'd done it, and even a little surprised. And that is definitely a good thing in a marriage, after 17 years together. You tend to be able to predict each other's actions, tastes, and opinions with alarming accuracy, and it's great to mix things up.

So I'm considering re-coloring this bit of hair again and "being blue" for a bit longer. In any case, it was a successful non-consumer gift. Another example of how limitations can spark creativity.

What are your favorite non-consumer gift ideas, to give or to receive? Please share them in the Comments section. And click here if you missed the post about how I navigated the March birthday season, which included my husband, my father, and my brother.


Jenna said...

I absolutely love it!

Alea said...

How fun! I think the streak looks great!

Anonymous said...

I love it too! And what a delightful present for your husband! I've had pink in my hair before and got so many good comments. As you say, it's only hair! Cheers Judy

calimama said...

Ha ha! So glad you did it, get out of your comfort zone and you may still be comfortable!

Betsy Talbot said...

I love it that you became a "blue hair" well before your retirement years! :)

I got my nose pierced a couple of years ago after wanting it for a long time. I thought I was too old, and then I figured if I had done it when I was younger it would still be pierced, so what the hell? I've never regretted getting it done, and Warren LOVES it.

The same goes with hair cuts and hair color. It really is just hair, and if it provides you some joy to not look like every other person on the street, then go for it. Talk about cheap thrills - hair color is just about the cheapest makeover there is. Which means you could keep doing it and even change up the colors based on season/mood.

Anonymous said...

it's beautiful. It goes with you eyes. It's like your soul as a person is breaking out of the image that everyone sees. Now people see a streak of harmony as soon as they look at you. It think it's beautiful.

Forest Parks said...

Ha ha that is brilliant. I think coloured hair is awesome, you should shock him and colour your whole hair... He may love it!

I think a nice 3 course home cooked meal is a great non-consumer gift (although sometimes you need a special ingredient or two).



Marie-Josée said...

Angela, you look great! Thanks for sharing the photo.

Jen H. said...

I love it. I've been wanting to dye my whole head superhero blue for years, but could never justify the effort and likely damage of stripping my hair of it's current color and then recoloring. You've inspired me to just do a streak of blue!