April 2, 2010

Food Waste Friday and a Freebie

No picture, almost no waste.

I say almost because there were a couple of tangerines that started to go bad, but I peeled them and was able to eat part of them. The rest will go in the compost bin, so there's no landfill trash this week.

Why do I care about wasting food? Because food rotting in a landfill creates noxious gasses, plus we don't have money to throw away.

If your reaction to this quest of reducing food waste and taking photos of rotten food is somewhere along the lines of "get a life," I know where you're coming from. When you're busy with kids, working at a demanding job, taking care of an aging parent, or any of the million other things that demand attention in our busy lives, watching your food waste seems way down on the list of priorities. But let me assure you that it really doesn't take any extra time, it mostly just takes a bit of focus and planning.

Check out Love Food, Hate Waste for some great tips on wasting less, and visit The Frugal Girl for her weekly food waste roundup. And please share YOUR tips in the Comments section.

FREE STUFF ALERT: It's the start of a new month, and that means it's time to take advantage of Bank of America's Museums on Us program. If you're a customer, just show your debit or credit card to get in free all day Saturday and Sunday to participating museums. Click here to find museums in your area.


Cate said...

LOL! I'm sure "get a life" is totally what some people are thinking. But you're right, tracking food waste really doesn't take very long, and it saves you money! (And usually you avoid finding really icky things in your fridge.)

me said...

Hi - Just thought I would say hello from Australia.

I come from a state called Queensland and the Museum is free. The only time you have to pay for entry is if it is a special exhibit or if you go to the science centre. Having said that I think it is pretty cool that a big corporation would help out it's customers to get a bit of culture!! I hope you have a good easter!!

Angela said...

Cate- Yes, avoiding the "icky" is a great side benefit, like the less smelly trash.

me- Thanks for commenting! I LOVE free museums, it's one of my favorite things about London. It encourages you to go more often, and make it more a part of your regular life. How cool that you live somewhere with that benefit.

Eleanor said...

Angela, I check with you and "Frugal Girl" for Food Waste Friday, and thank you, because you have both helped me become more aware of not letting ANY food go to waste. Last night I got out an onion and was dismayed to find two that had spoiled. I was secretly happy that I do not have blog (yet) so I do not have to report.
Also, thank you for posting about "Museums on Us." I needed to open a new checking account anyway, and purposely went to B of A, as two of our best Atlanta museums participate. I discovered that because B of A bought out countrywide and now holds our mortgage, I was eligible for two free checking accounts and a money market account. Hubby and I may go to the Atlanta HIstory center after church tomorrow if it is open on Easter Sunday.

Thanks again!