April 5, 2010

CSA Delivery Day: Spring Edition

I'm so sick of apologizing for the poor photo quality, I've decided to use my birthday money to buy a new digital camera. I've been hemming and hawing for months now, because of not wanting to break The Compact. But I've decided that I'm not comfortable buying a used camera unless it's from someone I know, and since I don't know anyone selling a used camera, I'm going to splurge for the least expensive Canon beginner's model.

My decision to break The Compact for a digital camera will be the subject of another post, however. This post is all about beautiful, delicious CSA produce.

This week we got (roughly clockwise from the back): black kale, Bloomsdale spinach, swiss chard, romaine lettuce, leeks, giant beets, black night carrots, broccoli, strawberries, radishes, artichokes, red potatoes, fennel, red spring onions, and turnips.

We also got a container of roasted red pepper hummus, which isn't in the photo because my husband had already absconded with it.

This is a fantastic delivery. The Bloomsdale spinach is one of our favorites, and my husband loves radishes and spring onions for his self-created lunches. The strawberries are SO sweet, and the purple carrots are beautiful.

Tonight we'll have Guadalajaran swiss chard quesadillas. I love the recipe because I've done a lot of substitutions and it's always good, with any kind of green, almost any kind of cheese, and either corn or flour tortillas. Later this week I'll make a greens risotto, and I also plan on some kind of pureed soup.

One thing I don't think we have to worry about in our house is an iron deficiency, with the amount of greens we've been eating lately.

Creative recipes for greens, or anything else you see pictured here, are always welcome. I use a lot of your suggestions, so thanks! And click here to learn more about CSA and find one in your area.


Laura said...

Lucky you--everything looks so GOOD! California strawberries are now in the markets here, but I'll bet the ones you got are sweeter than I could get.

We eat lots of greens here as well. This is one of our favorites: Spaghetti with Greens

susan said...

i think your weighing the decision to buy the camera...and deciding its something you want and will use...makes it a good purchase...just being aware that its a choice...over the past year you have probably passed over many purchases...and now you deserve something useful and fun

Angela said...

Laura- Thanks so much for the recipe. I just went and checked it out, and it's right up our alley- easy and delicious!

Susan- Thanks for your vote of confidence. I really do feel that I need a camera, mostly for this blog because I'm not a big photographer. And my husband convinced me it's not worth the time for research, bidding, shipping, etc. to save a few bucks for a used camera that may be for sale because of a problem.

Magdalena said...

I made this for Easter: take 4 cups of chicken broth (should be homemade, could use veggie broth instead - I used broth from a turkey carcass) and heat to simmering. Add three cups any kind of roughly chopped green - I used baby spinach, could be a mixture -and simmer about three minutes. Have ready a half cup of freshly grated parmesan cheese (or any hard cheese), a tablespoon of flour, and one egg, all blended together with a fork. Turn up the heat under the broth, and as it comes to boiling, stir in the egg-cheese mixture. It will separate into little flakes, like egg drop soup. Add a quarter cup snipped chives or other mild leafy herb, frsh ground pepper and a pinch of sea salt. Serve imemdiately with really good homebaked bread. Excellent lunch or first course!

Eleanor said...

Angela, thanks for being honest that there are a few items that you are not comfortable buying used. I am very frugal and live as "compact-ly" as I can.
Several months ago, my basic sewing machine stitched it's last stitch. I began researching sewing machines, fully intending to select the model I want and then wait for it to show up on Craigslist. As I researched, I realized how advanced sewing machines have become- some are even computerized. I have been sewing for over 30 years (I learned how to sew when I was twelve, seriously) and have gone through several hand-me-down machines. When I decided on the type of machine I want, I realized that it is an investment, and as such, I don't want to risk my hard earned $$ on a machine that may not have been well cared for.
That said, I did research four major brands and two sewing centers here in Atlanta and have found an excellent buy on a machine that is exactly what I want, and the store has excellent customer service, and more classes that one can possible take.
Thanks again for being real!