May 6, 2010

Thrifty Threads

Welcome to another installment of Thrifty Threads, AKA Most Stylish Compact-y Outfit, where readers model their favorite secondhand clothes.

A Compact-y outfit is from Goodwill, a thrift store, a consignment shop, ebay, craiglist, a clothing swap, a yard sale, or anywhere else you find secondhand clothing.

I am very excited to have a brand new model today, Shelayna, who blogs at One Closet, One Year. Shelayna's project is to buy no new clothing, and wear only the clothes in her own closet for an entire year without repeating an outfit. That's incredible! And get this, the project was born when she was getting dressed one day and had that thought we've all had at one time or another, "I've got nothing to wear!" Well, almost immediately she realized she DID have plenty to wear, and her closet was full of treasures, but she just needed to mix it up and put things together in a new and inspired way.

She's inspired me because all week I've been digging things out that I haven't worn in years and wearing them in new combinations. Yesterday I wore the jacket from a 90s suit I hadn't been able to get rid of, and paired it with one of my favorite blouses and jeans. It was a whole new look and my husband told me I looked "elegant."

Shelayna sent me 3 different photos and it was hard to decide which one to pick but I thought this one looked the most seasonal, plus I love the umbrella. I would like to make carrying an umbrella very hip and stylish, especially in sunny climates like California, because it is so important to take care of your skin. All the ladies in Chinatown walk around with their umbrellas, but I haven't seen too many younger women doing it. But Shelayna's sporting the look, and I love it.

This ensemble is made up of a dress from Goodwill, turned down and made into a skirt, for $7.99, a white blouse from Goodwill for $5.99, and the blue sweater was free from a clothing swap. If I haven't said it recently, I am a huge fan of clothing swaps. I host one every year for some girlfriends and I have gotten some of my favorite pieces from the swap, and so have my friends. It's what has allowed me to go without buying any new clothes for almost a year and a half.

It looks like not shopping has made Shelayna more creative with her wardrobe, and that's been my experience as well. You must visit her blog to see her unique creations, it is so much fun. She's not afraid of layering, mixing patterns, wearing things backwards, or even modifying a piece that needs a little something, like when she takes this so-so dress and ties it at the bust and ends up with a much more stylish look.

Okay, readers, it's your turn. Put on your favorite secondhand outfit, snap a photo, and send it to me at We all want to see your fabulous finds, so don't be shy. Thrifty Threads has room for all shapes, sizes, and ages, and men and children are welcome as well.

Do you like to go "shopping in your closet?" Please leave us your best tips for secondhand shopping, plus compliments for Shelayna in the Comments section. And click here to check out previous installments of Thrifty Threads.


Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

Shelayna, kudos to you for your unique and inspiring sense of style! Your outfits look amazing. I look forward to checking out even more of your blog.

Clothing swaps are great! I do them seasonally with my co-workers. In June, we'll be swapping sundresses, glasses, beachwear, summer bags, hats, unwanted beauty products and more, all while sipping organic lemonade and enjoying some treats, at our summer swap.

Marie-Josée said...

Wow, Shelayna looks absolutely amazing! And such panache.

pmichellej said...

Awesome blog. What an inspiration. Glad you featured her and her cool looks.

danielle said...

Thanks, Angela, for pointing me in the direction of this fabulous blog! Shelayna is creative and lovely.