September 2, 2010

Thrifty Threads: Celebrity Edition

Hello readers! In preparation for my return to blogging next week, I just had to share this tidbit I saw in the news: "Drew Barrymore's $25 Red Carpet Hit."

Drew Barrymore shops secondhand!

Here's the blurb that goes along with the photo:

Talk about mixing high and low fashion! What did the adorable Drew Barrymore choose to wear to host the Nylon magazine/Express party this week in Los Angeles?

This gorgeous $25 metallic-printed 3/4-sleeve shift dress from a thrift store paired with $760 Yves Saint Laurent "Tribute" pumps, of course! I love the 1960's vibe she's got going on; the psychedelic print, the cut, and the pumped-up voluminous feel of her hair is a total win.

It's so refreshing to see someone mix it up and have fun with fashion. Just last month she made an appearance in an Oscar de la Renta runway dress--a far cry, financially, from an Austin, TX thrift-store find.

Don't you love it when vintage Drew -- the irreverent, quirky, girl power praising, throw-a-daisy-in-her-hair Drew that we all idolized in the 90's--steps out on the red carpet?

How reminiscent of a Thrifty Threads post. Well, aside from the red carpet and the $760 YSL pumps, of course. There's no doubt that secondhand fashion is all the rage.

I'll be back to blogging next week, see you on Tuesday!


Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

Way to go Drew! Second-hand has such a stigma with some and we need to break down these barriers! With our celebrity-obsessed culture, maybe some will be inspired by Drew's thrifty plunge.

Hope you enjoyed your break and look forward to your upcoming posts.

Angela said...

Catherine! Thanks so much for sticking around during my break. I'm looking forward to coming back.

A. Marie said...

It's not just U.S. celebrities who are promoting secondhand chic, either. The British Royal Family is getting in on the act. Check out this story from the London Telegraph ( Hmmm...maybe we'll see Camilla turning up in one of the Queen's old outfits !

And a hearty welcome back, Angela. Hope your time off has recharged your batteries (recyclable batteries, of course)!

Angela said...

A.Marie- Thanks for the link- I love it! Especially this about his shoes made from leather salvaged from an 18th century shipwreck: "They are totally indestructible and will see me out." Oh, I love those Brit phrasings.

And thanks for the welcome back, I am at least partially recharged and looking forward to blogging again.

Kate Sommers said...

I saw this and thought of sending it to you to use for a post!
I love Drew Barrymore and love that she chose to wear this, it's quite a statement. My husband Ken says he's related to her, a distant cousin or something.
Did you know that there's a thrift store in Encinitas called Thrifty Threads? They've been around for at least 20 years. Welcome back Angela!

Angela said...

Hi Katie! Thanks for the welcome, I'm glad to be back, and no, I didn't know there was a thrift store in Encinitas called Thrifty Threads! Funny. I haven't spent much time there at all since the 1970s, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Anonymous said...

i knew i liked her for a reason :-p
seriously though, how confident she is to be in that type of position but still shop second hand. and can you even imagine being the person who donated that seeing her wear it on the red carpet?

how cool. welcome back!

Alea said...

I think it is wonderful that she hit the red carpet in a second hand dress!

somewhat off topic, but I really get mad at the fashion mags for calling celebrities out when they wear the same dress twice. It usually says the celeb was "caught" wearing the same dress to another event. It seems horribly wasteful to pressure women to buy a new outfit for each event. I would love for an actress to say, "it looks great on me. Why shouldn't I wear it whenever or as many times as I want?" I'll step off my soapbox now. :)

Angela said...

Amy- I agree, it does take a lot of confidence, and style! So cool of her. And yes, that would qualify as a "whoops" if you were the one who got rid of it! Of course, it's possible it just didn't fit, or look nearly as good as it does on Drew Barrymore. Thanks for commenting!

Alea- I agree! How stupid that it is somehow shameful to wear something that looks good on you more than once. Although I seem to see this more often: whoops! Two women have worn the SAME dress to the SAME event! And then sometimes I've seen them ask who looks better in it! OMG- it would seriously take a lot of confidence to withstand all that crap.

Yay, I'm so happy to be back!

Marie-Josée said...

Angela, so glad to read you. Hope you are having a great summer, and a wonderful rest. Hope you come back refreshed and renewed. I am looking forward to reading your blog.

Angela said...

Thanks Marie- Josee, and I'm looking forward to writing it. Thanks for sticking around! I did have a nice summer, and I hope you did too.