October 16, 2009

Food Waste Friday: No Waste Week

No photo, no waste! Yay!

Every Friday I post a photo of the food that went bad that week. And I love it when there's no photo, because it means we did a good job of planning and using what was in the house.

I am so lucky to have a willing husband in this adventure, or it would be a chore that might not be worth my energy. Ever since I created the Eat Me! section of the refrigerator back in March, our food waste has dropped dramatically because my husband hits that section for lunches and snacks.

This week, when I told him I had half an avocado left over from something I made, he said, "Why are you telling me? Just put it in the Eat Me! section." In a nice way, not in a Robert DeNiro, "Are you talking to me?" way. So the experiment has been a success in our house. I highly recommend it for wasting less food, which leads to needing to buy less food, which saves money!

You can learn about the negative effects that the horrifying amount of food waste produced in the U.S. and other Western countries has on the environment at Wasted Food. And if you want to join the Waste-No-Food Challenge, head over to The Frugal Girl to find out about how you can share your food waste photos with the world.

How did you do this week? Tell us your ideas, lessons, wins, and fiascos in the Comments section. Or anything else you feel like sharing...


Leigh @ compactbydesign said...

Ha ha, love the husband comment!!

mrs green said...

Hi Angela

I lo0ve to hear that your 'eat me' section of the fridge is working so well for you!

Well done on a great week