October 22, 2009

Thrifty Threads

Welcome to another installment of Thrifty Threads, AKA Most Stylish Compact-y Outfit, where readers model their favorite secondhand clothes.

A Compact-y outfit is used or recycled, from Goodwill, a thrift store, or a consignment shop.

Today's model is Stephanie. You may remember her from this Thrifty Threads post back in June. Stephanie and I worked together in feature film editing before she left to pursue her music career full time. She now lives in Dallas, where she writes and records music between touring. You can listen to her lovely voice and guitar playing on her MySpace page.

Stephanie bought this entire outfit secondhand, including the shoes and belt. And we'll forgive her for chopping off the top of her head since she took the photo herself. It's still a great picture! She bought this dress for about $20 at Buffalo Exchange years ago. Stephanie says it's a fantastic dress that never shows wear or cat hair (very important!), is machine washable and dries without wrinkling in about 2 minutes, is slightly stretchy, comfortable, and always flattering. It sounds like the perfect dress! It's so cute. The belt was $5 at a thrift store in Bellingham, WA, and the super cool gold shoes were $26. Not bad for BCBG, which are very pricey new.

Thanks Stephanie for sending in that great photo! Readers, you know the score. I'm always in need of more photos, so put on your favorite thrift store duds, snap a photo, and send it to me at: barton.angela@gmail.com. Remember, you can be young or old, short or tall, male or female, it doesn't matter. And I would love to get pictures of your kids, too. Infants, toddlers, children, or teenagers. We want to see all your fabulous finds, so keep them coming! And click here if you want to check out previous installments of Thrifty Threads.

Do you shop secondhand? What's your favorite thrift store score? Tell us about it in the Comments section.


Non Consumer Girl said...

Stephanie shows that you can have style and looked gorgeous with "pre-loved" clothes and accessories!

MaddyG said...

Angela, I really enjoy your Thrifty Threads posts. I hope people start sending in pics again. I'll get the ball rolling by sending some in myself. I have tons of second hand outfits...much more casual than Stephanie's though! I'll get my husband to snap some photos of me this weekend. ; )

MaddyG said...
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Angela said...

Non Consumer Girl- I agree!

MaddyG- Thanks! That would be great! Casual is fine, I think a good mix is best for the series. People like to see the variety of used clothes that are available out there. Speaking for myself, I've actually been amazed at what people find. Can't wait to see your photos!

Alea said...

Stephanie looks elegant. Proving that you don't have to spend a fortune to look great!

Joyful said...

That's a knockout look!