October 24, 2009

How much $ do you need to live your dream?

That's the question they're asking at Married With Luggage this week, as they launch a series called "How we saved enough money to change our lives and how you can, too." It's all about the planning, saving, and lifestyle changes that'll make it happen. Click here to read the post that kicks off the series.

For Betsy and Warren, their dream is to travel the world for a year, and they're counting down the days. Your dream may be the same, or it may be something completely different, but whatever it is, it takes work to make it happen. But if you've ever talked to anyone who has lived their dream - whether it's to travel the world, get out of their corporate job to join the Peace Corps, live in another country, write a book, or simply do the work they love - it takes a plan, discipline, and hard work to pull it off.

Married With Luggage shows you how to put it all together, in a way that's user-friendly, inspirational, and fun. So check it out, if you haven't already. It's one of my favorite blogs, so I have mentioned it before.

What's your dream? Are you pursuing it now, or is it more of a fuzzy fantasy that takes place in the distant future? Or maybe you feel like you're just keeping your head above water as it is. Or maybe... you're living your dream right now. Whatever the case may be, let us know in a Comment.


Betsy Talbot said...

Angela, thanks for mentioning our series on your blog. You guys are pros at saving money on the Compact!

We're spilling the beans on all the bad stuff we did as well as how we got out of it and managed to save enough $$ for our big dream. I hope your readers will pop on over for a visit.

Angela said...

Ha! That's one of the things we all love about you Betsy, the way you "spill the beans."

I strongly believe that having control over your money is vital to living your dream, whatever that may be. The Compact isn't my dream per se, but it's helping me realize my dream of making a living doing work I love, and along the way it's helping me live a richer and more meaningful life. The most surprising part is how fun it all is!

Kate Sommers said...

I like the way you put this:
What's your dream? Are you pursuing it now, or is it more of a fuzzy fantasy that takes place in the distant future?
So often we live our entire lives with that fuzzy fantasy.
Our lives can be what we want and so much richer if we look at what it is we really want.
I've discovered that what I like is a lot of different experiences in new places.I like to relate with people in new environments.That awakens new parts of me and therefore makes my life more interesting and richer in ways that exceeds any dollar amount.
I love your blog and that you two are going for living the life you dream.

Non Consumer Girl said...

My dream has changed over time and as I have grown..

When I was young, it was to give myself an academic university education.

Then it was to travel and live overseas.

Then it was to meet and marry my life partner and to make a home.

Then it was to have a child and be a family.

I am complete. I am happy..

But I still have more dreams.....

Betsy Talbot said...

Non Consumer Girl, love your comment! I think it is a big deal to admit you are happy and still dreaming. Lots of people think you must be dissatisfied with life if you want something different, but I disagree completely. I hope to always be dreaming about something new, no matter how great my current circumstances may be!

Angela said...

Kate- I'm so glad you found Betsy's blog. It's right up your alley!

Non Consumer Girl- I agree with Betsy, I love your comment and I identify with it. My dreams have changed over the years, but I hope to always have them, while balancing that with being happy with where I'm at RIGHT NOW...

Thanks Betsy! And thanks Kate and Non Consumer Girl for commenting!