February 6, 2010

My favorite new recipe from the blogs

Welcome to an occasional segment where I tell you about a great new recipe I've gotten from another blogger.

This easy triple chocolate cake is from Alea at Premeditated Leftovers. She's always posting great recipes, and when I needed to come up with a quick yet inspired dessert, this fit the bill. It starts with a boxed mix, but you add a lot to it so it doesn't have that "fake" taste.

I made this cake for a small New Year's Eve dinner party, and it passed muster with not only my husband, but the amateur gourmet chefs who fixed the fabulous dinner. Everyone had seconds and the rest was eaten the next day for breakfast.

This cake is full of chocolatey goodness, and would be a great choice for Valentine's Day. I don't usually celebrate that holiday, and gave my husband a free pass on it the first year we were together (provided he fulfill my requirements for being romantic year-round instead, and he does), but I sometimes bake him a cake if I have time.

Please leave your favorite V Day or anytime baking ideas in the Comments section.


Amy Dunn said...

This looks SO good. I might just have to make it. Lucky for me, I have a stockpile of chocolate cake mixes so I won't have to blow my "Month of No Spending" challenge by indulging my chocolate desires!

Alea said...

I am glad that you enjoyed this cake. I usually make it on Valentine's Day because it is one of my husband's favorites. My daughter makes chocolate covered strawberries, which is both easy and delicious.

Forest Parks said...

Oh my god that looks yummy! I'm trying to stay away from sweet stuff so I shouldn't even entertain the idea of making it..... but I really wanna :).

I wasn't planning on cooking for Valentines day but I like making Bread and Butter Pudding which is basically layers of buttered bread with raisins and cinnamon in between and the soaked in a custard... You then bake it and the custard sets. Works best cold I think.... Also it's super super cheap.



Tammy Brackett said...

Something about snow always makes me want chocolate, but I'm trying to stretch the food I have in the frige SO yesterday I made EGGLESS chocolate chip cookies! They turned out great BUT stuck like mad to the pan! I scraped them out and served them to Boyfriend as The Ugly Chocolate Chip Cookies that are Very Tasty. LOL
I'll have to try this cake. It looks so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm... This looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing! My day is coming up so maybe I'll try this one out soon! :)