February 26, 2010

Who can resist that face?

My brother just entered this photo of his dog Gracie in a photo contest to raise money for the Humane Society's spay/neuter program. Click here to vote for Gracie's photo with your donation. You can give as little as $1, and it will count as a vote! Your donation will help save pets' lives by controlling pet overpopulation and limiting the numbers of unwanted dogs and cats.

Thank you.


Ellen said...

Love that beautiful photo! What a great fundraiser. Good luck to your brother--let us know if he wins.

Compact UK said...

She is so adorable & your brother is a very good photographer. I hope many people donate to such a good cause.

Alea said...

Awww, not me. I will have to pop over to vote.

Those Tricks said...

I wish they were allowing Paypal for donations.
I no longer give my mailing address to these types of charities.
Every time, they sell all your information and I get every animal charity sending me piles of paper mail.
Which is sad to me because (1) I want my donations to go to animals and not direct mailing and (2) save the trees!

Nonetheless, a good cause.
Good luck, Gracie!

Angela said...

Ellen and Compact UK- Yes, it's a great photo, isn't it? He's a professional photographer and particularly good at animals, babies, and kids.

Alea- Thanks so much!

Steph- I know, it's a drag, but if it's the only way... I get WAY too much junk mail from charities, many of them are ones I give to but they send me stuff constantly in between donations.