July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day

Wishing you all a safe and happy 4th of July. Please be careful with the backyard fireworks, they're dangerous and hard on dogs' ears!

We're off to one of my favorite non-consumer activities: a backyard barbecue. Since it's with friends who are fabulous chefs as well as gardeners, we'll be enjoying the food and drink as well as their lovely backyard. And we've been promised an outdoor movie screening!

If you live outside the U.S., enjoy your weekend.


Kristen said...

Happy 4th!

Stacey said...

Sounds great! What movie did you see? Some friends of ours who have a backyard theatre have promised The Wiz soon and I can't wait!

We've also had a great non-consumer weekend - a picnic dinner and free outdoor production of scenes from Shakespeare on Friday and fireworks and sparklers (saved from my wedding over 11 years ago!) last night. Ah, the joys of summer!