July 18, 2009

My favorite new recipe from the blogs

Welcome to an occasional series where I share a great new recipe with you. I actually tried this awhile back, and it's become a favorite. And I don't want to let the summer slip by without telling you about it.

This one comes from Jill at Mindfully Simple, and she calls it "Mindful Mama's Smooth Smoothie." I love smoothies, but all smoothies are not created equal. And this one's a winner. When you're in the mood for a tropical vacation, blend up one of these and take it out on the porch or the deck. It's the next best thing.

And it's healthy too! The strawberries are full of Vitamin C and antioxidants, pineapple is loaded with vitamins and helps build healthy bones, and coconut milk is good for your skin and hair and for stress relief. Also, this recipe calls for agave nectar, which is a great substitute for honey and other sweeteners.

Jill posts a lot of recipes, including a simple basic recipe for granola I've been using for months now and love, and others that I can't wait to try like enchiladas, chocolate chip banana bread, and noodles with peanut sauce. Jill is a mother of two teenaged boys who juggles that full-time engagement with work as a music therapist, gardening, planning vacations, home improvement projects, blogging, and scouring thrift stores and garage sales. She also has an etsy shop where she sells her lovely handmade jewelry. I was the winner of a beautiful beaded necklace, which I will be showing you as soon as all the elements come together: time, good hair day, husband with time for a photo shoot, etc. Go to Mindfully Simple to find out about other jewelry giveaways.

Something this delicious and good for you too, you have to try it! What's your favorite smoothie? Let me know in the Comments section.


Jill said...

Wow, Angela- Thanks for the kudos! Funny thing - I bought all the ingredients for my smoothie just last night. Must have been feeling your mind waves across the country!

Angela said...

Jill- I've got the pineapple and coconut milk on my list too! It's the perfect time of year for it.