August 29, 2009

My favorite new recipe from the blogs

Welcome to an occasional series where I share a great new recipe I've tried recently.

It will come as no surprise to avid readers of The Frugal Girl that these zucchini patties she posted a few weeks back are delicious. So if you've still got zucchini coming out the ears, try these. They were a big hit with my husband and I think kids would like them too.

The only thing I really changed was to use just a bit of oil in a skillet and saute rather than deepfry them. I also didn't use any butter. They were still very tasty.

Awhile back, when I asked my readers for suggestions on what to do with zucchini, I got a lot of great ideas, and a few people sent recipes for cakes or fritters similar to this. So the concept was rolling around in my head already, and then when I saw Kristen's post I went ahead with trying the recipe.

These will definitely be a staple in our home, and I may even try them with other vegetables. Carrot patties anyone? Do you make fritters, patties, or cakes in your home? Please leave your thoughts in the Comments section.


Anonymous said...

I have a great salmon patty recipe. Being Southern, I still occasionally like something a little fried!
1 can salmon
1 egg
1-1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/3 c. minced onion
1/2 c. flour
Add baking powder to salmon juice. Stir in salmon, egg, onion, and flour & mix. Form small patties and fry about 5 minutes or until done in hot oil.
**A no-fry version is to use a muffin tin, and bake it in the oven. Mini size also make good appetizers to serve for a crowd, if you increase the recipe.

Alea said...

I use this recipe (which I believe is similiar to Kristen's recipe) for zucchini crab cakes:

I have combined it with this recipe for squash puppies:

to create a fauz fish fry for our vegetarian friends.

Alea said...

Oops, that is faux fish fry.

tammy said...

i had zucchini casserole and a nice spinach salad for dinner last night! My neighbor brought over zucchini early in the summer and I made casserole singles and put in the freezer. I make an entire casserole and cut into single servings and freeze in foil. It's perfect for when Boyfriend is out of town or having dinner at the club. Works great for a quick side dish too.

Angela said...

Anonymous- Salmon patties are one of our favorite staples! My recipe was made up and is similar to yours- just breadcrumbs and an egg and chopped parsley or dried dill. We love it with sweet potato "fries" (baked) and greens.

Alea- Thanks, I'm going to try those. We love all kinds of "cakes" and "patties" with seafood and veggies.

Tammy- I love the single serving size idea- it's always nice to have those yummy frozen dinners, better and healthier if they were homemade.

Julie said...

I used to love zucchini but now it gives me a tummy ache, I don't know why. It's a bummer, though, because as a vegetarian, it's already hard to find stuff to eat in a restaurant and so many restaurants have just one vegetarian entree which usually includes zucchini---because it's inexpensive?? We do eat a lot of potato pancakes, not just at Hanukkah but year round because they are kid-friendly. (But at Hanukkah, we have to make at least one box of the Manischevitz brand latkes, it's what my husband grew up on. I just avoid reading the ingredients because conventional boxed processed food like that freaks me out!)