August 13, 2009

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming...

Ordinarily, I try to stick to the topic on this blog, but this isn't an ordinary day. I'm still basking in the glow of a love hangover.

I saw Jackson Browne in concert last night at the Greek Theater, my favorite venue in Los Angeles. Jackson Browne: California boy/poet/crooner of my youth. I used to calculate the difference in our ages- 14 years, not a problem. We'd make it work. Well, he's still got it goin' on. He worked his magic and the whole crowd - men and women - fell in love with him. And the home town effect was in full force.

At one point, I had a powerful urge to stand up and yell out, "I love you!" I might have done it if my husband hadn't been there. He wouldn't have minded actually, he understands my love for JB.

He played my favorite, Fountain of Sorrow, and the devastating The Pretender, both of which I bawled through, in a happy way (happy to be alive, at that time and in that place). He even played Take it Easy, the Eagles song he co-wrote with Glenn Frey. Ah, the quintessential California 70s song.

At 60, he's still ridiculously cute. He had shaved off his beard (men with dimples should never have beards, although Kris Kristofferson manages to pull it off) and at a glance still looked like a kid. He strolled casually onto the stage without announcement and charmed his way through two sets, three and a half hours total. His voice has held up, which I cannot say for some other musicians of the era... maybe he smoked a little less than the rest of them.

I know I'm hopelessly dating myself here, my younger readers probably don't even know who Jackson Browne is, much less know his music. But I'm all about full disclosure.

And I will be posting a Thrifty Threads segment later this morning when I recover my senses. Until then, "take it easy..."


Anonymous said...

When you mentioned Fountain of Sorrow big tears welled up in my eyes.
Now you and I are going to have a big problem, because Jackson is MINE as is Johnny Depp. So HANDS OFF!
Honestly, I love that you love JB- I adore that man.
;-)and his music...of course.

Angela said...

Tammy- You and me and a million other women. I think we all shared the fantasy that we would comfort the beautiful sensitive man after his wife died. I saw many groups of women in their 40s and 50s giggling like teenagers. But his effect isn't limited to women- a guy in the front row never sat door or stopped clapping the entire night, and my husband told me afterward "now that I've seen him perform, I understand his charm."

It's really amazing to me now that he wrote such reflective songs before he was 30 years old. But I guess death does that to you.

It was a nostalgic evening because I'd seen him perform 30 years ago, but even better it was inspiring because he's still writing great songs and he clearly enjoyed the performing and the reaction of the crowd. He's still learning and growing and creating.

Kate Sommers said...

How fun!
I also LOVE JB.I saw him live in Santa Barbara at the Bowl when I lived there in 92.
He was playing with Crosby Stills and Nash and Bonnie Raitt.It was outside under the stars and was wonderful.We walked in late and the bouncer said to go on in so we got to see them all for free!
I also saw Kris Krisofferson for free in Carlsbad in 1991 but that was because we knew an old member of his band.I was 7 months pregnant with my son and he bounced around inside me to the music the entire time!

Angela said...

Kate- I also saw Jackson Browne in Santa Barbara, but it was at the Arlington, and it was around 1979!

Betsy Talbot said...

I'm just freaking out that he is 60 years old. If I haven't aged since I first fell in love with him, how could he? ;)

leigh @ compactbydesign said...

It is amazing how our children and favorite people get older but we stay the same age!

If you haven't been to the Santa Barbara Bowl YOU MUST GO! It is my favorite venue. Although we saw Kristofferson at the Troubadour about 2 years ago (when he released his last album) and it was amazing. So great to see such a classic in a small enough venue that you can be less than 10 feet away from the performer.

I too have seen many shows pregnant and I think it has definitely affected my boys. They both seem to have a great affinity for music and our 2 year old has an incredible sense of rhythm - which he didn't get from me!

Angela said...

I went to UCSB, so I have been to the Santa Barbara Bowl. I also love the Arlington theater there, a smallist indoor space that is so original and beautiful. That's where I saw Jackson Browne in 79 or thereabouts.

I also saw Kris Kristofferson at the Troubadour- more like 8 or 10 years ago. It was fantastic to see him perform in such an intimate setting and so great to see him so close. My friends and I were marveling at his general gorgeousness, especially his arms.

I'm sure going to concerts while pregnant is a great idea.