November 22, 2009

A Green and Grateful Thanksgiving

I know my readers are all about being green and grateful, so if you want to add some of that good stuff to Thanksgiving this year, check out this article by my friend Danielle Davis. Danielle blogs at Less is More Balanced and is the green living contributor at L.A.'s own Your Daily Thread. The article is all about how to make the holiday more meaningful.

There are a few links I still have to check out, like a list of organic and biodynamic wines. I don't even know what biodynamic means, but it sounds kind of like bionic, so I'm guessing it's a good thing. Stronger, more powerful wine. Wow.


Kate Sommers said...

Hi Angela,
Biodynamic farming is wonderful.
It stems from Rudolf Steiner which the Woldorf Schools base their education on. The biodynamic farmers make sure they have healthy soil that is balanced before they plant. Bugs don't eat healthy plants, only compromised plants...kind of like worms composting waste.
The only reason I know this is because my son attended a Waldorf school for awhile.
I've never had biodynamic wine. I've had organic wine that was incredible and I didn't feel hungover after drinking it. I'd imagine the biodynamic wine is really good, cleaner and just better tasting all around, like organic produce is.Pesticides seem to have a bitter after taste.

danielle said...

Thanks, Angela, for linking to my YDT article.

And Kate couldn't have given the biodynamic explanation any better!

Happy Thanksgiving!