November 26, 2009

Sleep In on Black Friday

Take part in "The Great American Sleep-In" at Global Giving.

On the day after Thanksgiving, ditch the mall and snuggle up to this earth-changing idea for gift giving. Here's how it works:
  • Sleep in, spend time with your loved ones at home, and avoid the crowded stores and long lines.
  • Stay in your pajamas and order Global Giving Gift Cards online. Give the card to someone you love, they go to Global Giving and pick a cause that touches their heart, and use the card to donate to their favorite project. It's the gift that changes lives.

Find out all about it here.

So give the holiday gift that's both non-consumer and experiential. You'd be amazed how far a modest gift of $10 or $20 can go towards some of these worthwhile projects.


Anonymous said...

Great idea! You might also want to check the non consumer advocate's website today. She has a link to a uTube video "The Story of Stuff".

Angela said...

Yes, I have a link to "The Story of Stuff" on my blog over on the right. I would say it's been one of the major influences on my thinking and behavior this year. The other one is Katy's blog- I love it! Thanks for commenting!